About Us


I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and have traveled widely throughout the country and the South Coast. Whilst back in South Africa my love of motor bikes and biking began and have owned many of both!

I moved to Oxfordshire, England, in 2008 and have worked in a variety of different jobs; now as a salesman.

With Cat, we travel throughout the UK mainly searching for bike routes, camping as we go.

Catherine (Cat):

I was born and brought up in Oxfordshire, and with my family have traveled a lot around Europe; mainly in search of snow and mountains as we are a family of skiers/snowboarders! 

Meeting Charles has broadened my horizons and fueled my new love of mountain biking, which I am slowly improving at, my new bike is one of my most prized possessions! That along with camping (having only really spent time 'camping' at festivals prior), I am beginning to get my head around what is needed and the mechanics behind this trip! It will mainly be me writing the blog so any technical terms may well be incorrect... until I am corrected!!

During term time I work as a primary school teacher which is great fun, but allows me good holiday time to get out and about!