Thursday, 17 April 2014

Let's start at the very beginning...

When first discussing travelling Charles and I always knew we wanted to go to as many places as possible but when Charles' sister proposed driving across Europe and down to South Africa we knew there was no other answer than 'yes'!
As it stands we are aiming to leave in July 2015 with Rob and Mandy (Charles' sister and her will be husband); head across Europe and then into Africa. Charles and I will then ship the car over to Australia to travel and work over there. The route as of yet is undecided due to current and future political climates. I am starting this blog now to track what we have already done and what we will continue to do in the future.

Step one was to sell our current car and buy a Discovery. This was harder than it seems as Charles is very fussy... however after selling our L200, he found a green Discovery 1 (td5 apparently). The ins and outs are currently unknown to me but I am sure within time I'll be able to reel it all off!! Charles has now added and changed all kinds of things - there are more to go.. but essentially it is going to be our home for a long time!
Step two was to find some way of sleeping. Having seen the roof tent on Rob's Discovery we decided this was the way to go. We finally found it in a nearby village (luckily!). Getting it into the car was a struggle but was done successfully - we even got some mugs from the gentleman who sold it to us (see photo below). Our set up has the roof tent, with an awning and sides. The tent could not go on until the roof rack arrived.. this was a nail biting time as we needed the tent for our upcoming trip to Scotland... luckily it arrived with time to spare!
This is our story so far; having been on our trip to Scotland we have a lot to think about and do.. mainly what we will need to take/pack, where to store everything and what we need to make our lives easier when we are in the 'wilderness'!!!

Link below to Nick Ridley who provided us with our home (the roof tent), and fantastic mugs!