Sunday, 22 February 2015

Update: First Aid courses and injections!

After promising there would be a technical update in the last post and it never emerging (not my fault!), I found myself with a spare half hour to update on our progress - (I cannot believe I last updated in December!!).

At the beginning of February we had an all day first course with Peter from the Oxford College of First Aid ( It was a brilliant day, a very steep learning curve! We covered general health, CPR, recovery, major cuts, burns, splints along with a variety of other little bits and pieces! He also gave us a basic First Aid Kit contents list which we need to buy (our First Aid Kit box is going to be very large and extensive) and also suggested getting some antibiotics from our doctors before we go).

Charles has been busy adding to the interior of the Landrover - he is supposed to be finishing it off today! He has also bought a water pump to fit the shower (look on the facebook page to see Rob's). FIngers crossed it will all get done soon....

We have all been having injections (with varying degrees of success)! The injections include: diphtheria, polio, tetanus, hep A, typhoid (all these were on the NHS), and hep B, Yellow Fever, meningitis and cholera. Malaria tablets have also been discussed. My advise being with injections is to make sure you start the process 8 months at least before you go, each of our doctors (we go to 3 different ones between us), have a different procedure with varying processes. Mine have been very hard to book and get appointments with however Mandy and Rob have nearly finished all theirs! The approximate costs have been around £300-£350.

Again I am waiting for the technical stuff from Charles.... I am hoping this post will kick him into gear (fingers cross this evening!!).