Friday, 4 March 2016

A small side note.. Books!

For those of you who know me well, I am an avid book reader - Charle is always amused at where and when I read.. Bumpy dirt roads are proving the hardest at the moment! However having bought myself a Kindle before we left (with a back light) I have steamed my way through a lot of books.. Possibly 90.. having picked lots of people's brains (in person and via face book) for good reads I thought I would share some of the ones I had read and loved! 

Game of Thrones - George RR Martin - I was sceptical about reading these books, but wanted to read them before watching the series (Charles was chomping at the bit to watch them). I really enjoyed them and they are some of the only books that I have taken a while to read. At times they are complicated but the story line remains fresh and exciting throughout! 

Into the fire - Manda Scott - This is about Joan of Arc .. Half historical conspiracy and half modern day police mystery set around election time in Orleans. 

Kauthar - Meike Ziervogrl - A British girl, Lydia, converts and practises Islam. It is her journey through this process. 

The ballroom cafe - Ann O'Loughlin - A simple, but nice read about two sisters who do not speak to each other, through the opening of a cafe to raise funds for the maintenance of their home they work through their differences.

The girl who saved the King of Sweden -Jonas Jonasson - About a girl from Soweto in South Africa and her journey up to saving the life of the King of Sweden. Very well written and very funny in parts.

The last train to Istanbul - Ayse Kulin - I bought this on a whim but am so glad I did, I loved it. It is about the Turkish Jews during the Second World War. Very well written.

The last letter from your lover - Jojo Moyes - Ellie finds a letter from a man in the 1960s asking his lover to leave her husband. It is a mystery but with a sweet undertone.

I am currently reading the Loney (Andrew Micheal Hurley), and due to having decent wifi have downloaded a few more today: a man called Ove; Running the Rift; The Trouble with Goats and Sheep; All the light we cannot see; After Anna. I also have a few more that have been suggested but I need to wait for the prices to drop (I am a stingy reader!). 

So if you have any suggestions for me please give me an email or comment below! I am not a fussy reader!