Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Zambia (the first two weeks).. In photos and poetry

My last blog didn't have many photos in, I have now managed to get some (thank you to all of those who sent some to me!). I also mentioned a poem my Dad wrote about the week with us - it used to be a tradition at Christmas that my Grandfather would read one out - it was nice to have one to end our week together! The last verse was a little addition I attempted! 

Lesley's camping trip with a diff-erence!

Lesley's first camping trip. 'Oh bloody 'ell'
We travelled from Jo'burg, with Rob and Ronel.
At Marakele we stopped, our very first night.
In the morning, a lone ostrich came out, just at daylight.

We travelled to Botswana, over the Limpopo river,
Wasted no time at the border, our visas to deliver.
On to Zambia, with haste, but stopped for speeding,
And 'oh dear', missed a cow on the road, that was feeding??

To Livingstone we came, Pith Hats all gleaming, 
In Jo'burg you could hear the sound of Cat screaming.
Birthdays were celebrated, many beers drowned,
To bed we all went, sleeping so sound.

Victoria falls, how amazing, and the bungee drop.
A trip on the river, the drink would not stop.
Canoe trip on the Zambezi, with lunch taken in style,
Keep your eyes on the water, watch out for the crocodile!

On the Kafue, on the dirt road.
Lots of tsetse came with us, by the shed load.
Hippo bay came next with its lake, just amazing.
Sunset and sunrise, with its hippos all grazing.

Kasabushi next, luckily lit the boiler with wood, 
Spam fritters for supper, my word were they good?
River boar cruise, hippos, mist and sunrise,
We came to the campsite and found paradise.

Onto Lusaka, eureka camp,
No need that night for agas filled lamp!
Then head for Livingstone, full steam ahead..
Oh dear, Rob's discovery was almost dead.

Ernest and Watson tried their very best,
Rob's patience, I think, put to the test.
Moorings camp site, just as lovely,
Just hope that we see the boys in their discover-ly!

Almost back where we started, and staying with Jenny.
With tales of our adventure, oh yes, there are many!
We've had such a great time, and seen so many sights.
But one thing we won't miss is those tsetse bites! 

Back to England you are, in the sunshine (?!)
I guess we will go back to speaking on face time.
The week spent you will be so hard to beat..
But we'll remember every time we have a braai and meat! 

(A home made card from my favourite people - sent via parents post!)

(Mandy, Charles and me before our bungee!)

(Wet selfie after going in the spray at Vic Falls)

(On the sunset boat booze cruise)

(Relaxing during the lunch stop)

(Last morning photograph!) 

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