Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nothing like a bit of sun to fuel motivation...

For the past few weeks, since our trip to Cannock Chase biking (and joining the Camping and Caravan Club!!), Charles has been scheming and drawing a draw set for the back of the car. All it took was a sunny day (beer!) and a weekend at home to fuel this plan.

Early Saturday morning he was at a local Wickes store buying hardwood ply, helped by a talkative policeman to ratchet to the roof, to make into shelves in the back of the Disco. 

The back seats were unbolted, measurements were made and wood was cut.

The final result - see picture below - is fantastic! It provides space for 6 Hannibal storage boxes, as well as side space for Jerry cans to be securely placed. 

It still has to be varnished (my job over half term .. apparently), and also a water resistant carpet to be fitted on top but the current result works well; until we use it and tweaks are made!