Sunday, 29 June 2014

'She looks pretty good' (C. Cooper 2014)

Sorry for the lack of information or blogging in the last month or so... for me it is coming to the end of the school year so the weeks are jam packed counting down to the summer holidays!

It is safe to say we haven't done much on the car, or towards the trip since the beginnings of the shelving unit!

We traveled to the Eastnor Land Rover show which was a wet and wild weekend - I fully appreciated the back canopy that comes down from the roof tent when the rain was lashing down as we came down in the morning, somewhere dry to get changed made things more comfortable!! The boys had also bought a Dutch Oven/Potjie pot which we used (meat, veg and a can of beer), which again was very much welcomed!!
We bought an ipad holder which I am sure will come in handy.. sadly it is not near enough for me to read my books but map wise I think it will come in handy.

Last weekend the boys took Ditsy to Rob's garage to lift the body (apparently it wasn't big enough already!). According to Charles; 'well... we lifted the body, at that time we extended the front break lines (only the front due to the need of a refurbishment of the back axle - another job...!!)' ... he added 'anyone wanting to do it be prepared to use ingenuity and brackets to make it work!!'. 

The car now/still needs:
  • A new steering shaft due to the lift which is not a necessity but will help to improve the handling.
  • Discs and pads all round.
  • Complete overhaul of rear axle - including diff.
  • Front wheel bearings. 
  • Full wading kit.
  • Bigger wheels............. (apparently because INSA Turbos are noisy and rubbish on road.. any excuse!)

I do not know how they did it, all I can say is Charles needs to fix an additional loop in the door so I can hoist myself up!!

Regarding planning the trip none of us yet have had a moment to sit down to think about it, but I have been in contact with a helpful source who has guided us towards first aid courses, assault training and equipment...

Ah yes.. Charles did manage to pick up a tracking devise (Global Spot) which was lying around at his work that we can buy a contract for to use when we are travelling!! Amazing what you can pick up...!