Sunday, 3 August 2014

A quick update and a few photos...

Again nothing much has been done in the last few weeks regarding the trip or the car. Charles and Rob went to Billing Land Rover Show which I am assured was a good weekend!
Whilst there he bought a jerry-can holder for the roof and also a ladder for the back of the car (to help me!!).  

As you can see below the car now has our facebook page (run by Rob) on it - it will eventually have the blog on! Please add yourself to it 'Where to next Africa' to keep updated. 

It is safe to say we have been monitoring the Foreign Office website quite closely - especially with this outbreak of Ebola virus. It has been on their radar for about 3 months now so trying to see where it is spreading to and a time scale is quite important!

Our next jobs are to buy a fridge so if anyone has an opinion please give us your feedback below! We still also need to varnish and carpet the draws (especially as the carpet is sitting in my spare room!!) - however time at the moment is hard to come by (for Charles) so it may be a while before photos are up!