Sunday, 29 March 2015


We have been thinking and also beginning to buy different bits and pieces to make life a little more comfortable in the landrover...

The first thing was the sleeping.. We have been debating over different sleeping bags etc for months - how many seasons,  double or single (luckily not the colour!). We ended up going back to our standard GoOutdoors.. Mandy and Rob had already bought two sleeping bags from there that could be zipped together so we knew we couldn't go wrong. Off we trotted and spoke to a very informative employee and ended up buying two Vango starlight SQ sleeping bags which can be zipped together. We chose them mainly because of the tog, the season and also the feel of them. We firstly used them in the house (not the best idea in a heated house!) and then last weekend. It is safe to say they are great - warm, comfortable and easy to pack. We did also buy a mosquito net, however it was forgotten.. That will be fixed next week when we drive along the North Coast of Cornwall!

The second thing we are thinking of getting is a duel fuel cooker - again Rob being he organised self has bought one which we used to cook breakfast last week. It was great, so we have been researching and looking out for one! Hopefully we will have one by next week!

I am on my Easter break now - perks of the job - so I am getting on with buying the First aid kit, we have a long list from Peter who undertook our first aid course (see earlier post for details to book him!), so I will be taking a close look! Also charles and I have been talking about clothing and sun cream... Watch this space..

Any way we are heading out with Mandy and Rob next week for some camping along the North coast of Cornwall. Please feel free to follow our trip on our Facebook page - where to next africa - or suggest places for us to camp/visit. If you are in the area please also come arrange to meet us!