Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A quick update...

With a short amount of time before we leave things are hotting up.. money is flying out of the account, parts are being bought and fitted, and general things that we 'need' are arriving! All this is timed around Summer Term at school, moving out of our house and countless other things that seem to pop up during the summer months!!

Regarding the car, Rob and Charles have been fitting new parts: cam belt, new radiator, breather filter, breather hose, rocker cover gasket, water pump - the head gasket will be fitted this weekend along with anti-roll bars (I am told in luminous green!). We have to program key fobs still which fingers crossed will be done next week! Long weekends ahead....

We have bought from ebay a Garmin Montana 600 so we can load Tracks of Africa onto it - Rob is slightly ahead of us having done this already and says it looks amazing! Tracks are all marked out in fine detail so we look forward to having a copy of our own!

We are in the process of also ordering a new notebook to store and edit photos.. this is one thing I can actually have an input on as I half know what I am talking about!

I have been clothes buying.. have managed to get some mosquito repellent, UVA 40+ clothing from a well know brand at a good price - they are really comfortable and covering (good for me who sun burnt last weekend in the UK!).

We still have to look into and buy insurance (we have been told approximately £800/person), and the Carnet for the car, as well as a train crossing to France which cannot be done until Charles and Mandy receive their UK Citizenship (time is ticking!!).

Finally Charles and Rob have been very kind to myself and Mandy and bought us pop up shower tents... it's the little luxuries!

I will keep trying to update more regularly than I have been - things happen every day, so I try to wait for a whole lot of things to write about before I do!!

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