Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Thank you Craghoppers

Clothing has been rather an issue for myself.. someone who gets burnt on a vaguely sunny day in the UK... trying to find clothing that has a high sun protection factor but is also wearable has been a problem in the past. Therefore when we got an email from a facebook post to Craghoppers offering help with clothing we jumped at the chance!

I already live in my Kiwi Pro Convertable Stretch trousers - they are a good length (trouser and short wise), smart (I wear them to work!), fit well and are easy to clean - so for myself and Mandy to get another pair was great as these are all we will be wearing next year - they have a solar shield technology also!

Craghoppers also do a Nosilife range, I had already purchased some of this range Base Short Sleeved T-shirt and Base Long Sleeved T-shirt- again they are light weight, cover the shoulders (and arms), have a solar shield and are mosquito repellent (great all across Africa!). In addition to this myself and Mandy will be wearing the Adayna Hooded Jacket for cold nights - again does have solar shield if worn in the day, and the mosquito repellent, but also has security zipped pockets! Finally we have received the short sleeved Polo T-Shirts which will be great for when we need to look presentable in the Embassies!

The boys also received their gear this week! Both have gone for the Nosilife range Convertible TrousersLong Sleeved Shirt, and Polo shirt, which again all have solar shield as well as the mosquito repellent technology.

There are sill a few things that need to be bought - shoes, hats etc however thanks to the staff over at Craghoppers for all their support and help!

Keep liking our facebook page -Where to Next Africa -  for all the updates.. Rob and Charles are doing loads to the cars still and posting onto facebook more often than I can keep up on here!

(photo courtesy of Rob)