Saturday, 8 August 2015

Waiting with fingers crossed!

We spent a good, sunny weekend at Billing Landrover show - met some interesting people, and spent some valuable time with friends and family...! We got use the new lightweight back section which was really useful - much easier (for Charles) to put up - and I also braved the shower and pop up shower tent for the first time - was cold but will definitely be good once we are in Africa!

You may know that we were meant to have left by now (August 3rd from the Billing show) however we are waiting for some paper work still so life is in real limbo! Charles and I have sold the majority of our furniture now so the house is looking very bare at the moment! Charles is happy as it means all the trip stuff can finally be stored in the house - it has a whole room!!

However.. since we are not leaving for a while the boys have been looking into solar panels to charge the second battery.. so much their brains are sore apparently! The dilemmas being the Wattage, whether they are fixed or can be moved and whether they work without loss over 25 degrees! After much debate they went for a monocrystalline 100W folding solar panel with a 15A charge controller (message the FB site for more details). It is easier to mount, can be moved for optimum sunlight (leaving the car in the shade) - there is a power drop from 25 degrees however due to cost we will accept what we can get! I will post photos once it has been put on!

Keep updated via our facebook site Where To Next Africa for the latest news and photos, and keep fingers crossed for the paperwork to come through!