Saturday, 25 July 2015

Light weight back section (and a light in the tent..!)

After a final weekend of car work the car is now almost ready to go.. (when we get the go-ahead!) apart from a couple more buys .. the list is endless!

The boys overhauled and refurbished the transfer box, upgraded the rear suspension, and added a light to the tent.. which means no precarious balancing with a torch on the way up the ladder.

They also added a few more lights in convenient places as well as some tie down points!

We finally found a light weight back section for the roof tent (Charles now just needs to sell our original one - message me if you are interested!!) - he picked it up in the week from a family who have already done the trip! Lots in interesting information was exchanged!

In the week we also had a great meeting with Fred Mutebi who is a woodcut printmaker from Uganda. We are hoping to visit him and spend some time with him planting mutuba trees to make barkcloth (see more on his website ). We are very excited to do this!

If you have been following our face book site Where To Next Africa you will see Mandy and Rob have been cooking with the Dutch Oven! They will be professional very soon  -  very impressed!

Next weekend we will all (plus others!) will be at Billing Landrover Fest so if you are around come and say hi or have a look! It would be lovely to meet you!