Monday, 28 September 2015

It's the final countdown...!

As the title of the blog suggests we have a second final date... fingers crossed for 24th October - all things well with Charles and Mandy's passports coming through in time!

The cars were finished last weekend until our Land Rover - Ditzy - sprung an oil leak... better now than half way through I suppose so hopefully it will be just another week!

Last weekend we made an appearance at the Stratford Overlanding Show which was good fun - the weather was also beautiful which helped! I was not there for much of it due to other commitments however we spoke to some great people including Ruby Landy and Lizzy Bus about their previous and upcoming adventures! We also caught up with some other lovely people to watch SA in the rugby! Nothing bought, but the solar panels did their job!

With a final date looming we have last minute bits to buy,.. mainly little things like clothes and decent shoes (shoe shopping what a shame!), and kitchen bits - couple more metal bottles and a pressure cooker to add.

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