Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Countdown commences!

So we are all finally British Citizens and all have a jumbo British passport which means we can now head off!

Our leaving date is 23rd October! I finish school at 3.15pm, come home, shower and then set off to the Eurotunnel! Our train is 23.15 ... and we will arrive in Calais approx 01.45 on 24th! It will then be a morning drive to a campsite where we can then sleep!

From then on we are going to be finding somewhere to stay for my Birthday (26th) - can't really ask for much more for it than setting out!!

Until then it is a mad rush - Charles has 4 more days in work which means he can move us out of our house, do countless tip runs, put things into storage, pack and re-pack the car (countless times!) and buy any last minute things! We are off shopping on Saturday to get last minute bits and pieces!

The cars are all ready - if you follow the facebook site - Where to Next Africa -
 you will have seen the boys repaired the oil leak, and Rob has done a clean of his car!

Fingers crossed the next time I blog we will be either on our way or just about to leave - depending on how much time we have in the run up!

Any questions or comments please feel free to add below, they will definitely be welcomed when we are on the road!!